The # 1 Latin Station in SW MO. Customized programming to meet our audience taste. Formating for this station is regional mexican, salsa, merengue, regeton, and top adult contemporary. KQMO 97.7 FM covers two states (Missouri and Arkanasa). KQMO 97.7 FM has been on-air since 1999. KQMO 97.7 FM has a unique staff that are popular in the Ozarks.





Daisy Caez

General Manager

Inspired by the Ozarks Latino audience and traveling the world she launched a new KQMO 97.7 FM bringing in a new flavor of blended Latino music into the steroes of thousands of listeners throughout the midwest. Her Puerto Rican and Mexican roots has made her proud to represent KQMO. This is her favorite radio station to run out of the other four she manages.

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El Mandril



Listen to El Mandril Show Monday to Friday 5am-10am. His show is filled with entertainment, music, informative and fun segments. He is popular throughout the United States.


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EL DJ TORO signed on in the early 2000's. He is one of the three original DJ's who helped KQMO launch. He brings the authentic Regional Mexican spin to the station weedays 10am-12pm



 Yesy Perez



This latina radio diva is the most respected on-air personality in the Ozarks. She brings warmth to KQMO's 97.7 FM audience.

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Ariana Salas

La Intern

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Newest member to La Mas Grande. Her outgoing personality landed her a spot on Yesy's Perez radio show Fridays and Saturdays. Ariana's favorite thing to do is horseback riding. She loves to travel to Mexico often.